University of Vermont - Listening Assignments Fall 2017

(Email stamp by 11:59pm on final day of month)



February #1

Compare and Contrast the first movement of the Haydn "Concerto"

Maurice Andre: Haydn Trumpet Concerto

Alison Balsom: Haydn Trumpet Concerto

March #2

Compare and Contrast the first movement of the Hindemith "Sonata"

Maurice Andre: Hindemith  Sonata

Wynton Marsalis: Hindemith  Sonata

April #3

Listen to the Ewazen "Trio for Violin, Trumpet and Piano" and write a minimum 500 word opinion paper.

Movement 1

Movement 2

Movement 3

Movement 4

May #4

Find a recording and email a link to the piece along with an explanation about why you singled this piece out.  Any genre!

University of Vermont - Weekly Practice Reflections

Due no later then 11:59pm on Friday of each week, either using the Student Portal on MyMusicStaff or via email, submit a personal reflection on your practicing for the week.  This should include thoughts on what has improved or what needs improvement as well as referencing specific examples in the material assigned each week.  Take can be taken from practicing throughout the week or one specific practice session.  This is important to do mentally every day of practicing, as you are your own teacher outside of the lessons. The Final reflection with be an overall reflection on the semester and what you feel you improved on and what you want to work towards for next semester.